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Elecard Technical Support Program

Elecard Support program is intended to provide each of our current and prospective customer with the expert assistance that ensures efficient use of Elecard products.


The extent of Elecard Technical Support services includes consultations on the basic installation/activation issues, products usage in accordance with the documented product functionality and troubleshooting unexpected behavior for documented features.

Assistance with advanced issues like adding specific features, functionality extension, or help with the product interoperability are available for additional fee. If you wish to enquire about product customization or custom development services, contact us.


Standard program600 USD
Premium program900 USD
Exclusive programContact us


Purchase of Elecard product provides an immediate access to our support resources in accordance with the following support plans: basic, standard, premium, exclusive.

Click here to find what support plan goes with your Elecard product.


If you discover you need the added expertize and support for your Elecard product, you are welcome to switch to a support plan that meets your business objectives.


Support Program Plans and Features
 Time of response (times are approximate)Number of responses per day*Program durationFree update periodProgram priceDiscount for program extensionDowngrade to the support plan
basicNot definedNot definedDuring the product lifetimeFree of chargebasic
standard3 days21 year1 year**600,00 USD10%basic
premium2 days31 year1 year900,00 USD15%basic
exclusive1 dayunlimited1 year1 yearСontact usСontact usСontact us


Click here for definitions of Elecard Support Program plan terms.



*The total amount of time spent on support is ten (10) hours for a single plan. Additional support to be purchased in blocks of ten (10) hours.

Please provide the ShareIt order number to access the technical support services via email:  _CLOAKING