Elecard YUV Viewer

Elecard YUV Viewer is a professional video analysis tool designed to view YUV data sequence in YUV video files.
Try Elecard StreamEye version 4.0 beta and Command line tool (supports H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC)
(Download x.32 bit version, Download x.64 bit version)
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Elecard YUV Viewer is a part of Elecard StreamEye Studio, a set software tools for video compression analysis. It views YUV data sequence in YUV video files, compares files against one another to find out if binary images match, and view the result of comparison. The application also allows to calculate quality metrics, such as PSNR, APSNR, MSE, MSAD, Delta, SSIM and VQM. It has been designed and implemented for reverse engineering and analysis.