CodecWorks Encoder

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CodecWorks Encoder is a software-based real-time video encoder targeting system integrators who want to build ready-to-use encoding and transcoding solutions with market leading quality.
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A real-time encoding/transcoding solution Elecard CodecWorks Encoder is the most powerful software product on the market providing a wide range of services. Flexible design based on Elecard's in-house software components allows system integrators to build turn-key encoding systems of superior quality providing advanced functionality and technically unrestricted scalability.

CodecWorks Encoder solutions are very flexible and cost-effective, they are not dependent on any particular hardware thus making it possible for you to run it on any third party hardware of your choice. The following input/output cards are supported:

Product highlights

  • Input stream encoding into several output streams with various  resolutions/bitrates (multiscreen), which can be utilized for adaptive streaming (Apple HTTP Live Streaming, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Adobe Dynamic Streaming)
  • Ability to increase the number of channels, or shift to HDTV broadcasting without upgrading delivery channels
  • Extreme effectiveness of computing resources utilization significantly cuts expenses for IPTV head-end hardware>
  • Highest video quality, unachievable for hardware solutions
  • Support of Quick Sync Video hardware acceleration on 2nd - 4th generation Intel Core processors


  • IPTV, CDN, OTT solutions
  • DVB-T/C/S/H head-end
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Video conferencing
  • Logo overlay
  • Real-time video processing

New in version 4.2:

  • Web interface for management and monitoring of the transcoding process
  • Back up in N+M Mode
  • Output stream uninterrupted operation, no more black screens. On input signal loss, bumper or station break is displayed
  • Adaptive streaming support via HLS and HTTP protocols