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Digital TV solutions

Elecard IPTV and DTV Solution - SIGMA iTV
Elecard SIGMA iTV flyer
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Elecard IPTV and DTV Solution - SIGMA iTV
Adaptive multi-screen
encoding solution
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Elecard SIGMA iTV solution is the right choice for providing IPTV interactive services and building custom server systems based on its components.

Target markets:

  • System integrators on Hospitality and IPTV markets.
  • TV and Internet service providers
  • Telco and mobile operators
  • Set-top box (STB) developers
  • Digital TV products developers

Elecard SIGMA iTV is based on the following product lines:

Live encoding and video compression

Real-time CodecWorks Encoder – software servers for transcoding and video compression which bring outstanding video quality and have a wide variety of input interfaces

Interactive TV and on-demand services

V-Cinema software servers – a set of products to implement any thinkable schemes of video content delivery over IP-networks. Comes together with highest performance, true multi-functionality and real flexibility under the single management interface

Home media centers and set-top boxes

Elecard iTelec Set-Top Boxes multi-functional end-user devices and full-featured home media centers for Digital TV subscribers and home users.

As well as:

X-Works DVB-IP Video Gateway – a solution for receiving multi-program MPEG-2 Transport Streams over DVB-ASI interface and further mulicasting or unicasting single-program streams over IP-networks.

Elecard DTV Quality Analyzer – a cost-effective and easy to use automated digital signal quality analysis solution

Integration features:

  • Full compatibility with SecureMedia and Verimatrix Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems
  • Easy and fast integration with popular IPTV set-top boxes
  • A set of interfaces for integrating with Billing and Middleware systems
  • Solution customization to meet the client's needs.

Elecard SIGMA iTV offers the following services: Encoding, Content preparation, DVB-IP Gateway, VoD, TVoD, SVoD, NVoD, NPVR, TimeShift, Streaming.

Please contact our sales or technical support department to get more information on products details, pricing and shipping terms. We appreciate the business opportunity you are sharing with us!



Digital TV solutions

Software servers

CodecWorks Encoder is a software-based real-time video encoder targeting system integrators who want to build ready-to-use encoding and transcoding solutions with market leading quality.
V-Cinema VoD software solution is a high-performance and easy-to-maintain server for delivering Video on Demand services based on the latest technological achievements in the field of media content delivery in IP networks.
V-Cinema NVoD software server is a mutifunctional flexible solution for creating offline TV channel distribution networks based on large collections of multimedia files and offering Virtual Movie Theater services with full support of unlimited time zones broadcasting.
V-Cinema SVoD software server is a mutifunctional flexible solution for creating offline TV channel distribution networks based on large collections of multimedia files and offering off-line TV services with full support of unlimited number of channels broadcasting.
Software-based V-Cinema Stream Switcher supporting HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) is a perfect solution for building fast and efficient multimedia streaming servers, which receive multicast streams and broadcast them as unicast streams to end-user devices via IP networks.
V-Cinema NPVR software solution is a feature-rich server for recording multimedia streams, such as satellite IP broadcast and local network webcam streams received from IP networks. The server has massive opportunities for its integration with a wide range of IPTV software, and ...
V-Cinema TimeShift software server is a cutting-edge full-featured solution providing live media content delivery on a completely new scale for subscribers. Now they can watch TV shows pausing and rewinding whenever they want, skipping commercials and unwanted programs just with ...


Elecard Stream Inspector is a powerful software tool designed for real-time analysis of media streams in MPEG-2 TS/PS, MPEG-1 SS, MPEG-1 Video/Audio, MPEG-2 Video/Audio, MPEG-4 Video/Audio, AVC, AAC and LPCM formats. Stream Inspector makes it possible to analyze streams received ...
Price: $999.00
Multistream Player is an application designed for real time visual control of video streams quality and audio signal level.

Consumer devices

Elecard iTelec STB 840 is the new generation of multifunctional hybrid HD set-top boxes, which support receiving the digital IPTV signal and DVB-C broadcasts.