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Elecard XMuxer SRD

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Elecard XMuxer SRD is a software reference design that allows programmers to develop audio/video editing applications (similar to Elecard XMuxer) or to extend any application functionality using the Elecard XMuxer Engine object.
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Elecard XMuxer SRD is a software toolset that allows you to quickly and effectively implement audio and video editing in your application. You won’t have to spend a lot of time on writing your own code from scratch, because Elecard XMuxer SRD offers you the full functionality of a highly advanced media editing application.

Elecard XMuxer SRD contains source codes of three different sample applications. Each sample illustrates main possibilities of Elecard XMuxer Engine object. Elecard XMuxer Engine is a COM object that allows fast and lossless nonlinear editing.