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Management team

Company Founders

Mr. Andrey Posdnyakov, Co-Founder, President

Mr. Andrey Posdnyakov

Co-Founder, President

Mr. Posdnyakov has 19 years of professional programming experience, including 16 years in the digital video/audio field. His expertise includes both hardware and software systems and architectures. For the past 14 years, he has served in a number of executive management, strategic business development and business planning positions. He holds an MS in Theoretical Physics.

Mr. Peter Gubanov, Co-Founder

Mr. Peter Gubanov


Mr. Gubanov has 15 years of experience in complex software development, including software architecture, object oriented analysis and design, low-level device programming, microprocessor programming, image and video processing algorithms, distributed systems, Internet and Intranet application development, and 12 years of experience in project management. Professional interests include statistical image and video processing, image and video compression, mathematical statistics, and parallel computing. Tragically died under avalanche in Austria on March 2, 2007.

Dr. Vladimir Kalchikhin, Co-Founder, Ph.D.

Dr. Vladimir Kalchikhin

Co-Founder, Ph.D.

Dr. Kalchikhin has more than 27 years of experience in computer-aided design and modeling of materials, development of multimedia applications and databases, image processing, software support of scientific devices and technical documentation creation. He received his Ph.D. in Physics from Tomsk State University, Russia.


Management Team

Mr. Victor Shirshin, CEO

Mr. Victor Shirshin


Mr. Shirshin has over 17 years of cumulative software development experience in the area of video and audio compression, multimedia processing. He has worked at a number of leading Russian hi-tech companies in management positions. Mr. Shirshin holds BSc degree from Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics.

Mr. Konstantin Belyakov, Vice-President of Strategic Development and External Affairs

Mr. Konstantin Belyakov

Vice-President of Strategic Development and External Affairs

Mr. Belyakov has 19 years of experience in a number of executive IT management positions: upper management, investments, logistics. Konstantin has been working for Elecard since 2003. He graduated from Tomsk State University of Contol Systems and Radioelectronics, specializing in Radio-electronic devices.

Mr. Andrey Shum, Vice-President of Business Development

Mr. Andrey Shum

Vice-President of Business Development

Mr. Shum has 20-year experience in IT business. 14-year experience in video compression technologies, system architecture design, object-oriented analysis and design for hardware and software. 9 years on top management positions.

Mrs. Svetlana Kalchikhina, Finance Director

Mrs. Svetlana Kalchikhina

Finance Director

Mrs. Kalchikhina graduated from Tomsk State University. She also has a degree in Finance Management of Tomsk Economic and Law Institute. Swetlana has more than 21 years of experience in the field of economics and finances and possesses over 19-year experience on top management positions.

Ms. Olga Gamolina, Sales Director

Ms. Olga Gamolina

Sales Director

Ms. Gamolina has over 6 years of experience in product promotion and sales organisation in the sphere of IT. Since 2010 she heads the Sales Department of Elecard. She graduated from Tomsk State University in 2004 majoring in “Linguistics and Translation”. Proactive attitude, deep knowledge of IT market and prominent organising skills allowed Ms. Gamolina to set up an effective and successfully operating sales scheme at the company.

Mr. Fedor Bushlanov, Business Development Director in South-East Asia

Mr. Fedor Bushlanov

Business Development Director in South-East Asia

Mr. Bushlanov has overall 9-years experience in multimedia programming, 2,5 years of experience in IPTV product management. Since 2009 holds the position of Business Development Director in the Asian-Pacific region. Mr. Bushlanov holds a degree with distinction from Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics specializing in Software Computer Engineering and Automated Systems. He has profound theoretical and practical knowledge about IPTV market.

Mr. Nikolai Milovanov, DSP Development Director

Mr. Nikolai Milovanov

DSP Development Director

Mr. Milovanov has over 12 years of experience in programming for various operating systems. Overall experience in system-on-chip and DSP processors programming – more than 9 years, programming for mobile devices – more than 8 years. Over 5 years supervises the software development process for a great number of devices. Mr. Milovanov graduated from Tomsk State University specializing in Mechanics and Applied Mathematics.