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About Elecard

Elecard company, founded in 1988, is a leading provider of software products for encoding, decoding, processing, receiving and transmission of video and audio data in different formats (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264/AVC, MJPEG 2000 and others).

Elecard is one of the first companies, which has developed the video codecs for the newest H.264/AVC compression standard and whose MPEG-2 Decoder is considered to be one of the world's best.

Since 2001, the company has been developing solutions for digital TV broadcasting and video streaming, which are widely used by the world's leaders of this sector. In 2006, Elecard announced a new product line of hardware/software IPTV solutions, which aroused great interest.

Elecard offers a wide range of reference designs for professional digital TV broadcasting market, which includes streaming, transcoding, video-on-demand servers, professional software products and software development kits (SDKs). The company develops digital TV set-top boxes and user's software applications for the average consumer. What makes Elecard different is that it lets an integrator company buy everything it needs - reference design, software, components and technical support in one place.

The application area of the company's technologies is very wide and includes solutions for satellite surveillance systems, terrestrial, cable and satellite broadcasting, security systems, video for cellular phones, and home multimedia centers.

Elecard Group incorporates several private IT companies: Elecard Devices, Elecard-Med, Solveig Multimedia, Triaxes Vision.

The company's headquarters is located in Tomsk, Russia. In 2007, Elecard opened its first office in San Mateo, California.

As of May 15, 2011 the company employs over 160 people. Among them are high-level experts, holding postgraduate and Ph.D. degrees. The company offers internship placements for students, while some of the current employees teach at the universities of Tomsk. Elecard's research officers wrote several books on computer graphics that were published in both Russia and the U.S.

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Company Timeline

2012 Start-up of a pilot project designed to implement DVB-T2 infocommunications networks within the framework of the Federal Target Program of Television and Radio Broadcasting Development in the Russian Federation for 2009-2015.


  • Elecard moves headquarters to Special Economic Zone of Technical Innovation Type in Tomsk, Russia.

  • Elecard announces expansion in Southeast Asia and launches a new regional office in Vung Tau, Vietnam to support existing clients and partners, and establish prospective business relations with foreign high-tech companies.

  • For the first time in the history of Russia, Elecard demonstrates live 3D content streaming in the 2D+Z format at the country's largest telecommunication exhibition Sviaz-Expocomm 2011 in Moscow.

  • Elecard successfully develops the new generation of low-delay codecs for wireless broadcasting systems.

2010 Company releases a home digital set-top box “Domashniy Infokommunikator” for the Russian market that offers superb Digital TV experience, provides access to electronic government services, and can be used as a payment terminal for making fast and secure online money transactions.

2009 Elecard Devices releases the newest AVC/H.264 encoder that demonstrates the fastest encoding speed and high picture quality according to the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 Video Codec Comparison tests carried out through Moscow State University Compression Project.


  • Elecard develops a roadmap for a new home digital set-top box that will combine Digital TV services and interactive features, as well as an easy access to electronic government services.

  • Elecard establishes a new subsidiary Elecard nanoDevices, which will focus on developing Systems on a chip (SoC) based on 65nm technology.

  • Company starts manufacturing HDAccess capture cards for receiving and transmitting MPEG-2 TS data via DVB-ASI in Russia.

2007 Startup of set-top box manufacturing in Russia.

Elecard Devices becomes officially accepted as a resident of Tomsk Special Economic Zone of Technical Innovation Type.

2006 Elecard Ltd and MainConcept AG separate and split resources.

Elecard Devices releases a firmware solution SIGMA iTV for IPTV. Solution comprises CodecWorks AVC/H.264, XStreamer DVB-IP streamers and IP-DVB incapsulators, V-Cinema VoD and TimeShift servers as well as a line of iTelec STB set-top boxes.

The first demonstration of HDTV broadcasting in AVC/H.264 format in Russia over the YAMAL-202 satellite in April of 2006 during the Russia-Germany summit held in Tomsk.

2005 Elecard and MainConcept AG team up.

A new company in the Elecard group is founded: Elecard Devices.

2004 The world's first satellite broadcasting in AVC/H.264 format together with BBC Corporation (UK) in Amsterdam.

2003 Company releases DVD simple player, MSeye, MPEG Player v2.1, SDK v3.0.

H.264/AVC Codec, released the same year as the standard itself, makes it into the top 5 best quality and productivity codecs.

2002 SDK v2.1

2000-2001 Elecard Ltd and Moonlight Cordless reenter the international market with the MPEG-2 Video Decoder engine, Wavelet Image Compressor, and SDK v2.0

2000 Company combines efforts in marketing its technology and products with Moonlight Cordless Ltd, with headquarters in Israel.

1997-1999 Elecard Ltd. works on the Russian domestic market specializing in multimedia production development, Internet and Intranet software development, and digital video research.


  • Developing custom software (DirectShow Filters) for a real time MPEG2 capture board based on the C-Cube and Philips chips.
  • Developing a technology for microscopic image acquisition and analysis for health care institutions and law-enforcement agencies.
  • Developing the Intranet Security System, multi-channel, multi-user digital video&audio surveillance system based on a number of video and audio recording boards.


Digital X-Rays System for health care institutions.

Hardware and software systems for Research Institute of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

Cardiology Institute. Real time video digitization and analysis.

1996 Company releases MPEG Editor based on Microsoft ActiveMovie (a.k.a DirectShow) filters.

Elecard announces a multi-channel Sound Recorder and special-purpose hardware for surveillance systems. A new company, Tekhnika Dela, spawned from Elecard Ltd promotes the new product.

1995 Elecard splits into two companies - Darim Vision Co. Ltd. and Elecard Ltd. respectively. Elecard Ltd focused on software development in the field of image processing, compression/decompression of video and audio data, network transmission and multimedia data storage.

1989- 1995 Elecard develops multimedia applications and PC hardware. Among the company's products are Frame Grabber - an acquisition board for TV signals, VideoCatcher - a multimedia-targeted video capture board and databases for law-enforcement agencies and health care institutions. Portret, an information retrieval system for law-enforcement agencies, is installed in 260 cities of the Russian Federation.

The MPEG1 Playback board with special software for Autodesk(R) 3DStudio(R), MPEG Animation Recording System (MARS) was developed.